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Post Students Celebrate Cultural Diversity

During the month of February we kicked off celebrating various cultures with our school's Lunar New Year festivities. Students and staff dressed in traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai as a display of respect and awareness of the Vietnamese culture. We celebrated with various dances performed by our students. The Lion Dance was also performed as a symbol of welcoming the New Year.  The following week we celebrated with a Hispanic Heritage Assembly. Students performed and dressed in various traditional Hispanic attire as a way to embrace the Hispanic culture. Our school psychologist and her fiancé danced the Salsa along with students. Mariachi performers played and sang songs from various Latin American countries. The Parade of Nations culminated these festivities by each classroom selecting a country to represent and present facts about the selected country to the school. During this parade, students were invited and encouraged to dress in their own traditional clothing or the traditional clothing or colors of the country they represented.  Some grade levels celebrated with international foods from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Mexico, Chinese, India, etc. Various activities were offered to students to learn about different cultures in order to raise awareness of others. It was a huge success and will be remembered by all.